Date: 31st October 2012 at 9:39am
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A few news outlets are making a big deal about Paolo Di Canio`s reaction at the end of our match against Aston Villa yesterday.

Di Canio appeared to gesticulate that Aston Villa were going down which needless to say wound up some of the Villa support.

Of course if the media actually bothered to pay attention closely to little old Swindon Town, they would see that Di Canio has done this gesture several times including against Shrewsbury Town and Oxford United in recent times and wouldn`t be going into meltdown over Di Canio`s fun, joking gesture.

They would understand that Paolo was just doing what he does, winding up the away fans. You hate him for doing it, we at Swindon LOVE him for doing it. We wouldn’t have Paolo any other way.

Yes Paolo may be a nutter but he is our nutter!

However, Di Canio denied that he was saying that Villa would get relegated.

‘No, that was not the case”, The Italian told the press following the match, ‘I was saying to my fans that they had been brilliant and their support was so good that they were up there and Villa were below them.

‘To see the County Ground full of emotion when we scored the second goal was amazing. I was saying it was my fans are the top and they are underneath you.’

Us Swindon fans are used to this and it`s just Paolo being Paolo, so hopefully the rest of the media get over it and go back to talking about Mark Clattenberg now.

We will let you judge what Paolo Di Canio really meant by this gesture, but to be honest if Villa do play like they did last night for the rest of the season well……. 😉

*looks at Villa fans and points finger downwards*

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3 Replies to “PDC’s Post Villa Reaction Is Paolo Being Paolo”

  • he was a tit doing it to be fair! He’s the sort of guy if he is your manager, you get behind and love (unless results aren’t good) but if he isn’t, you just think he is a nut! Not much class to that though to be fair, Villa fans are a loyal bunch and pretty vocal away from home especially.

    Still, at least the self proclaimed fascist didn’t nazi salute us!

  • Much a to do about nothing. Our team may be poor at the moment but that is not something you can level against our away support, which is as good as it gets…anywhere.

  • Put it this way, we lost last year to Oxford, down in the dumps, Paolo comes over did exactly the same at Oxford saying they were down and we are up! which ended up being true. PDC knew we would be gutted and once again probably did this to lift our spirits, He doesnt care if he is the bad guy! He thrives on it!

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