Date: 15th October 2007 at 12:58pm
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Due to the lack of Swindon Town football over the weekend we interview site writer and former vital editor Gary Stanley with questions about the current season and the current financial crisis.

Well Gary, what was your reason behind standing down as the editor of Vital Swindon?

I think it came down to time and politics etc to be honest. A lot of pressing issues had to be addressed and I did not want to be involved with politics and slanging matches on this site etc however given the current climate of the club it was inevitable the site would have to head that way because we cannot just ignore that we may not have a club in the future. I have my own views and that is clearly a change is needed at the club however sometimes I say things I regret so I thought it was best for someone else to cover the politics. I still work on the site as a reporter and will always be a part of the site as long as I still have the passion for the club I do to this day.

What is your personal opinion then? Do we need change or wait and see?

We clearly need a change at boardroom level and I believe the current board believe that as well, hence the reason they are looking to sell. There was a vote of no confidence towards the current board by the fans and whilst I believe the current board do want success they clearly do not have the resources to do so. It is clear we cannot go on as we are. It`s the same old story, Things seem fine and then we find out about more debts and face another winding up order. Without any takeover the club will stutter along from one financial crisis until another until eventually we go bust. The very future of the club is at risk and I totally understand the protests as long as they are peaceful and no violence is used towards individuals otherwise we will look like hooligans and not fans which will not help the cause.

Will the takeover from BEST holdings ever happen?

Your guess is as good as mine. At one stage it looked as good as done and ever since we have heard they only need to finish minor paperwork. If it is only minor paperwork then why isn`t the takeover complete? Why are they stalling?

On to matters on the pitch, what has been your most memorable game so far this season?

I would say the Luton Town match. It was the first game I actually believed after we can achieve something this season. To beat one of the favourite teams for promotion was pretty special. Was just a shame that Sam Parkin was not playing for them although I am sure he would have scored against us. The 5-0 pounding of Gillingham was fun too.

Rumours suggest that Paul Sturrock will lose his job if BEST Holdings take over the club, Is Paul Sturrock the right man to take Swindon up?

His record speaks for itself. What he achieved at Plymouth was nothing short of amazing really. It would be a shame to lose a manager of Sturrock`s pedigree. He knows what it takes to get out of this division however if losing Sturrock meant we had a secure future and a club then it would be a small price to pay in the scheme of things. Losing Sturrock however would be a massive blow to the club.

Simon Cox and Billy Paynter have been great at the front thus far who else has stood out for you this season?

Well I would say Craig Easton and Phil Smith. Easton was expected to join a Championship club in the summer so I was quite surprised to see him join us but this club is going places. As for Smith many thought Peter Brezovan should get the nod over Smith due to his exploits at the beginning of last season but Smith has done nothing wrong and should not be dropped. Another player who caught my eye was Hasney Aljofree before he got injured.

Who will go up in League One this year?

Leeds United. I think after their start have to be in with a shout. I think now you will start to see the contenders and pretenders. Swansea are doing well at the minute and I think they could be in with a shout at the top 2. I think we could have a shot at the playoffs this year however promotion may be a step too far. I am very surprised Millwall are where they are.

And Finally what do you want to happen this season at Swindon Town?

I want us to sort the behind the scenes problems once and for all and concentrate on football. The team on the pitch is going places and if everything was going well behind the scenes it could be a very interesting season at the County Ground.

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