Date: 9th September 2007 at 7:15pm
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Well atleast no one will be coming in for Swindon Town’s players based on the performance that was shown on Sky Sports 1 this afternoon. A very poor Yeovil performance was surpassed by an even worse Swindon Town performance this afternoon at the County Ground.

We were going to do a full report on this match but the less said about this match the better so in short, both teams were very poor today infront of the Sky cameras. Yeovil Town had one chance and put it away. 0-0 would have been a fair result.

Please see the player ratings below. Some may seem harsh but it was a very poor game.

To be positive it was only our first loss of the season, roll on next weekend and Hartlepool!

Player Ratings

Phil Smith – 7
Smith didn’t have much to do, Couldn’t do much about the goal. The goal was the only shot Smith really had to deal with.

Jack Smith – 6
Not one of Smith’s better games but he was no worse than anyone else on the team. Couldn’t really do too much more.

Jamie Vincent – 6
Like Jack Smith looked shaky at times at left back. Still only one goal was let in so they did their job.

Jerel Ifil – 8
Looked to be one of the only players who ignored the sky cameras and did the job he is supposed to do. If it wasn’t for Ifil, Swindon would have lost by more than one goal.

Hasney Aljofree – 7
Worked well again at the back and got stuck in to ensure Town did not allow more than the one goal.

Christian Roberts – 6
Roberts worst performance of the season however Zaaboub should have gone off instead of Roberts. Ran around in circles however gave the ball away quite a bit.

Craig Easton – 6
Not as good as he had been in previous games failed to get stuck in at times and let Yeovil players run around him.

Michael Pook – 6
Not as bad as people have tried to make out. Gave the ball away a bit but got in some tackles.

Sofiene Zaaboub – 6
Sofi’s worst game of the season. Gave the ball away and his crossing was shocking at times.

Lee Peacock – 6
Not a typical Lee Peacock performance. Ran around a bit but looked quite poor compared to his usual standards. This may have been due to the performances of the players around him though.

Blair Sturrock – 6
Ran around a lot but also gave the ball away. As much as Blair tries, League One is too high a standard for Sturrock Jr.

Jon-Paul McGovern – 6
Couldn’t fault him for trying but got dragged down a bit by poor performances around him. Will find his place in the team soon enough.

Simon Cox – 5
The player that boasted “if I don’t start on Sunday I will be banging on the managers door to find out why” showed exactly why he shouldn’t start. Ran around a bit but was also very lazy. Stood and did nothing at times and let Yeovil pass the ball. Was also greedy and obviously hasn’t been taught to pass at Reading. Couldn’t back up what he was saying with actions. Could be a Premier League hotshot who obviously thinks he is better than he is if he doesn’t back up his words with actions.
Manager Paul Sturrock mentioned he was not match fit and it showed, however he did have a physical prescence and will come good with games.


12 Replies to “Swindon Embarassed On TV”

  • Sure is APG at this time we would struggle to beat an egg still as you would probably appreciate who’d be a football fan.

  • Where we were poor today Gills… looks like you will get to sample the delights of Morecambe and Dagenham next season!

  • Cox – what a wally – he’s talked himself into a corner now – best he goes back – lets stick with our own players now.

  • Daggers and Morecambe, jellied eels and cockels,oh well.
    As for Iffy,agree with you,good player,nice bloke but not a manager.

  • I want to know how Blair Sturrock got a 6!!!! For the first 15 minutes I thought Peacock was up front on his own.

    In fairness I thought the town’s midfield and defence looked ok and in fact better, but the front two were p***-poor, especially the managers favourite! It’s about time the fans let Mr Sturrock know exactly what they think of their son

  • Agree with you wellsy on Jnr S … he’s either lacking in confidence or just not up to it… but who else can we stick in there at present. Its no good having these wide men whipping the ball over and no one there.

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