Date: 20th May 2015 at 8:56pm
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The Ground – The ground itself is huge and is a majestic sight despite not having the lure of the Twin Towers as it’s predecessor did. The large arch is pretty impressive as you walk down Wembley Way but the stadium seems to be lacking some sort of charm. The stadium is a large bowl with 3 tiers, but the acoustics are awful. It is very difficult to make any noise there. The stadium has 90,000 seats but unless you are playing in the Football League Championship final or a major England Game, you are unlikely to ever see the ground sold out. London 2012 was the exception to the rule.On our visits ‘day trippers’ or fans that are there for the experience played their part in ruining the day by telling singers to ‘be quiet they are trying to watch the match’ or ‘sit down we can’t see’.

Stewarding – Stewards were helpful finding your seats but they can become quite irritable as some fans who normally wouldn’t support the club and are just down for the experience or ‘for the day’, quickly get agitated if you sing or stand up which the stewards soon tell you to sit down although they didn’t tell anyone to sit. By sitting this ruined any kind of attempt of creating an atmosphere.

Food – As you would expect from a modern stadium, the food was superb and there was a decent range although as you would expect at Wembley it is very expensive for what it is.

Pub – The pub we went to on our last visit in 2012 was the Green Man which had a massive garden to enjoy the sunshine however there was a ridiculously long wait to get served which is to be expected on a big day out.

Overall – The worst thing about a day out to Wembley is Wembley Stadium itself. It has no atmosphere, is incredibly expensive and doesn’t have the same appeal as it’s predecessor. We wouldn’t go to Wembley if we didn’t need too. Of course you go if your team is there as you don’t want to miss a big moment in your clubs history but apart form that, we wouldn’t bother.