Date: 6th December 2007 at 4:21pm
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Vital Swindon Town would like to ask fans, ‘Is Swindon Town about to go bankrupt?’

After talks with Andrew Fitton broke down and the club admitting they have no more money to continue trading, is this the end of Swindon Town?

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8 Replies to “NEW POLL: Swindon To Go Bust?”

  • It’s all over. Unless a fan wins the lottery this weekend and pays off the debts I can’t see Andronikou with any other option than to wind up the club. A sad day.

  • I just cant understand it. I know Wills loves the club, and doesnt want to let go, but surely thats better than having no club. The only hope is if Sir Seton suddenly backs down and accepts Fitton’s original offer. Soon.

  • The only people that love OUR club are our REAL fans who can’t do anything….. We can sort this out but the bullet put the club FIRST, Fans Second and that is it….

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