Date: 23rd February 2012 at 3:31pm
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Manager of massive League Two club Crawley Town Steve Evans has opened his big mouth again to take another shot at Swindon Town after running away with his tail between his leg last weeks after watching the 2012 League Two champions get slaughtered 6-0 on aggregate this season by the tiny club from Wiltshire.

Evans famously trumpeted “The Di Canio circus was coming to Town” before watching his club get smashed 3-0 at home on the Tuesday night in September.

Funnily enough after he removed his foot from his mouth the portly Crawley boss sang Di Canio`s praises and told the media, ‘I went to watch them (Swindon Town) against Northampton when he got a suspension and was fined for his celebration.

‘But he (Di Canio) should have got a medal for his enthusiasm and passion, which is fantastic.’ Clearly slating Di Canio and Swindon failed so he thought he would play nice but it once again backfired in his face.

Last week during Town`s match against Crawley at the County Ground, Evans was subject to more abuse from the Swindon faithful as he flapped his arms about like a wounded albatross that flew into the path of a speeding train. Evans got beat and got beat well but would he accept defeat? Nah? Being the great sportsman he is, Evans would apparently tell one of his players to take out Luke Rooney. Rooney would soon score for Town and celebrate in front of the great oaf in retaliation!

After the match Evans accepted defeat the only way he knew, to make a load of exuses and said, ‘There were other factors here. We got well beaten, but there were other factors.” The abuse and beating he and his team got at Swindon got to him, he quickly ran away to avoid any questions but not before saying “Swindon Town will be reported but I can`t say anymore”, He has never kept his gob shut and now he could? Rubbish, he was still on the wind-up.

As soon as he got as far away as possible from Wiltshire, Evans couldn`t let it go, he was angry inside, he bottled it at Swindon but still needed to get a dig in at Swindon as if it was eating him up inside, so after Crawley drew against a spirited Morecambe side last night he proudly declared, ‘We are five points off the self-acclaimed untouchable leaders (Swindon Town) with a game in hand and four points off second place with three matches in hand so we are most certainly in the fight for promotion.’, no one doubts that, in fact I would be surprised to see Crawley implode, is the pressure however getting to Evans now he has lost Matt Tubbs and Tyrone Barnett.

Steve Evans is a nasty human being who like at Boston United, will see that his team`s Football League tenure will all end in tears when the benefactor pulls out.

The club is clearly punching above its weight. They currently average crowds of 3,161 with an incredibly high wage bill. The club has already had to sell it`s best players to try and meet the League`s salary cap.

Steve Evans needs to realise he makes people hate him, no one cares about Crawley Town, you are not the Manchester United of League Two, sit down, shut up and let the football do the talking.

Most fans in League Two hate Crawley Town because of Steve Evans. Most teams who get promoted from the Conference have fans from other teams run to their message boards with ‘good luck’ messages, Crawley had few due to their apparent buying of a league place.

Sure Evans succeeded in “project promotion”, but Crawley Town are no Stevenage or Dagenham & Redbridge who quietly got on with it, respected teams in the League and did their talking on the pitch and are now plying their trade in League One and League Two respectively.

As soon as Crawley lifted the Blue Square Premier trophy, Evans demand established League Clubs like Swindon Town, Bradford City, Bristol Rovers etc. all bow down before him and Crawley Town. Respect is earned, not given.

It`s the real fans of Crawley Town we feel sorry for. The ones who were there 10 years ago in the cold with their old man, a dog and a lukewarm cup of Bovril watching their team put in spirited performances in the lower echelons of the English Football pyramid.

You can almost see it a mile away, the next Rushden and Diamonds or Boston United. Great fans supporting lower league football, they achieve the dream and end up in financial ruin when the money man leaves.

We honestly hope we are wrong but it`s a tale that seems to be happening more and more, the problem is a lot of fans will have a hard time having sympathy with the club with a loud mouth goofball like Steve Evans running the show.