Date: 4th November 2006 at 6:17pm
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Swindon Town lost their second consecutive home game to a determined Hereford United side. Swindon Town still sit 4th in the League 2 table, 2 points behind 3rd, however a full time manager must be hired for the club to progress.

Swindon Town got off to a flying start and were by far the better team during the first half of the match however again Town failed to score despite having many chances.

Swindon finally took a well earned 1-0 lead on the 32nd minute when Christian Roberts, who returned from injury, headed in Michael Pook’s cross.

This seemed to awake the Hereford side and they responded 4 minutes later when Andy Williams scored after a perfect cross from Andy Williams.

Swindon and Hereford went into the break 1-1 with Swindon having the better chances.

Town came back out second half but look lethargic and as if they have lost their confidence. Town fired the ball forward however Aaron Brown, Lee Peacock, Christian Roberts and Paul Evans all failed to convert.

Nine minutes from time Andy Williams scored the winner for The Bulls and sent home the 700 or so Hereford fans happy.

So that’s it, 2 games, 2 losses at home. Ady Williams had done the right thing by not playing himself as he cannot manage and play at the same time, however Williams was missed. Jerel Ifil looked lost without Williams. A new manager must come in shortly to pick up the pieces.

There was confusion around the 85th minute mark when Fola Onibuje came on. Lee Peacock went off to make way for Fola, however there was then a late change of mind and Roberts went off instead. This another indication of Williams’ inexperience.

The team looked to have lost confidence and all the off the pitch issues appeared to have effected the team. This was not helped by the fact many Swindon fans, despite being 4th in the league, chose to vent their anger at Williams, Peacock and the rest of the team.

Some chants of “We are so useless” were sang by a small majority of fans. This again did not help.

A new manager is needed sooner rather than later to re-ignite the togetherness that was at Swindon Town when Dennis Wise and Gus Poyet were in charge.


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  • It must be very difficult to know which way to go here, ‘panic buy’ a manager or stick with the present set up for a while longer hoping it’ll come good.
    I’d sooner wait a while and be sure about who we are bringing in, than have another ‘fly by night’ manager – no offence Wisey – but if the cap fits – wear it !!

  • Hereford are shocking a few this season, thought most fancied them as automatic relegation candidates?!

  • don’t want to go the same way we id as iffy. Ady is not right to be dabbling at being a manager we need experience now. 2 games 2 loses, can’t afford to lose any more.

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