Date: 26th November 2007 at 8:36pm
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So Paul Sturrock, the man who preaches loyalty, leaves as soon as his friend comes calling. Forget the long term plans, and sticking together, it’s all about One Man.

That’s right. Paul Sturrock took the fastest route out of town after half finishing the job.

The fans loved him and supported him despite him backing the current Swindon Town board.

Anti-board protests were stopped on his say-so. Why? Because fans respected the man they call Luggy.

He boasted about being loyal and having long term goals. He even signed a 18 month lock in agreement.

But it all meant nothing to Sturrock.

In the end he was just like all the rest, instead of listening to the fans crying his name, and backing him by not protesting, He sticks two fingers up at the Swindon Town fans and says cheerio without any comment what so ever to the fans who loved him.

Thank You Mr. Sturrock.

I hope you fail miserably at Plymouth and fall flat on your face.

You had a chance to do something special here and become a legend, Now you are nothing.

Here’s to your failure at Plymouth.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


12 Replies to “Paul Sturrock Like All The Rest”

  • Emotions are high at the moment – remember how we felt when Wisey left…. I can see a short honeymoon period at Plymouth then it goes stale – they’ll stick with him as a face saver, but still rule the day Ian Holloway left them with envy.

  • Is this written by a journalist? If it is I can see why you don’t write for one of the big tabloids. I have given my best wishes to Swindon Town throughout this episode and I’m sorry it’s happened to the fans but with comments like the ones above…….not so sure any more

  • We’ll cope – your support or not – good luck with your ‘recycled’ manager, sorry couldn’t resist that – seriously though hope it does work out for you …

  • I’m not surprised. With all the uncertainty around our future I don’t blame him. We could be in administration in a few weeks if it all goes wrong.

    Pilgrim – good luck, Sturrock is a nice guy. Hope we get someone good in to replace him, and do better in the meantime than last time when Wise left

  • Not written by a pro journo. Just a fan. Emotions are running high right now Pilgrim. I think if you knew just how things were here you wouldn’t be so quick to judge. I have no ill feelings towards Luggy.

  • I think this is either the right man for the wrong reason, or the wrong man for the right reason. Either way, I think both Swindon and Argyle are weakened by this move.

  • you have to blame the board and best holdings for all there lies and false hope , if a deal was sorted sturrock probably would have stayed

  • If anyone was in his shoes they would have done the same. He’ll be on more money, a higher league and may even have a few squid to rub together – if not, at least he will be able to get loan players in. All of the blame has to lie with the board and the continued failings to get new backers in – as I said before if STFC was a dog – it would have been put down years ago..

  • I am fed up with these mangagers coming in making out they have swindon at heart then use us as a stepping stone till something better comes along.

  • That’s life Red Gilly – my other team is Blackburn Rovers and I know we will lose Mark Hughes to Manure sometime in the future – there is nothing anyone can do about it.

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