Date: 16th May 2007 at 6:03pm
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Swindon Town are on the verge of agreeing multi-million pound deal with an un-named investor that will secure the clubs long term future.

Swindon who had been fighting for its survival ever since it’s days in the Premier League say it could be a matter of 1-4 weeks before a deal is formally announced.

The proposed investor will have the funds to pay the £900,000 CVA payment that is due in the summer as well as secure the long term future of the club.

Town have been without a significant backer since the departure of Bill Power in the Autumn.

Bill Power is currently trying to reach an agreement to purchase the club from the current board however the two sides are still discussing details of a Non disclosure agreement.


5 Replies to “Millionaire Investor For Swindon?”

  • I don’t know why anyone would invest in a football club especially outside the Premier League.

  • remind me again hasnt peterborough and blackpool recently have massive investment?? and they outside the premier league??
    so it is possible

  • Bring it on. I wonder who this investor is… I don’t mind as long as his surname isn’t Maxwell!!!!

    Is it Power? Or someone else??

  • No it’s Willie Carson, he at last remembered the combination lock number to his safe. !!

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