Date: 16th November 2014 at 10:34am
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An incredibly lucky Swindon Town were gifted a 1-0 thanks to a crooked referee who clearly was a Swindon Town fan and wrongly sent off superstar Wade Elliott to deliberately give Swindon Town an edge.

The referee ensured that Town kept the ball for 55% of the match as well as ensuring play continued by allowing Town to have 9 shots on target, whilst cruelly fixing the game to ensure City only had one shot on target all game. A total injustice to the massive club from Ashton Gate. It was almost as much as an injustice as the club having to reform in 1982. Football clearly has it out for the massive clubs like Bristol City, Barcelona etc.

A disgusted Steve Cotterill and the City players again re-confirmed that his side were cheated out of a guaranteed win by stating that even with 10 men Swindon didn’t look like winning the game. Cotterill was quoted as saying, “They didn`t deserve to beat us even with 10 men. They couldn`t open us up and we more than held our own. We didn`t deserve to lose the game.”

Clearly the deluded ex Cheltenham Town boss was watching another match. Town completed battered City in the second half with most the action happening inside their box.

Of course this was clearly an injustice and Michael Smith who scored Town’s ‘winning’ goal was at least 20 foot off-side.

Cotterill stated that once he has stopped crying he will appeal Wade Elliott’s red card.

This article is a bit of banter, Clearly the referee never fixed or gifted Town any sort of decision. Sour grapes from our friends down in Bristol who believe they have a divine right to never lose.