Date: 27th December 2013 at 1:48pm
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VITAL SWINDON TOWN GROUND REVIEW: Weston Homes Community Stadium, Home of Colchester United F.C

The Ground – The ground is a modern stadium made of four individual stands. It`s your typical modern flat pack identikit stadium with little to no atmosphere. The ground is located in the middle of nowhere and quite some distance from Colchester Town Centre. The signs for the ground seem to disappear in the middle of the Town which causes confusion. Best follow the dual carriageway that runs past the ground as there is a junction for the ground off there. There is a shuttle bus that runs to the stadium. The ground is very similar to Shrewsbury`s which isn`t a good thing. The ground itself is very plain and bland but that said it has facilities to earn the club money 365 days a year which the County Ground doesn`t.

Home Fans – Colchester fans seemed pretty bored and subdued on our visit until the full time whistle when they won. I felt as if the fans hated their modern stadium and probably would have rather been back at Layer Road where some noise could be generated.

Parking – There is a massive car park but it looks as if it was built on a flood plain. It was flooded horrifically so we spent the whole evening with soaked feet in the cold weather which was far from ideal. Getting out of the ground was a nightmare but I`d imagine it would be easier now there is a junction out of the ground onto the Dual Carriageway.

Stewarding – The stewards were friendly enough telling you where to go to sit. No issues.

Food – Standard steamed hot dog. Filled a hole that`s about it.

Away Fans Pub – On our visit a few years ago, there was no pub for away fans. The away end does serve beer but if you fancy a few bevvies before the match, your better off drinking in the Town Centre.

Overall – It`s worth the trip to tick off your list for away grounds but I`d hate to go here for every home game. It`s a modern stadium but lacks any sort of distinctive features apart from a car park that floods horrifically. I wouldn`t go back unless it was an important match that`s for sure. Bland, Boring stadium.