A Late Push For Swindon Town – But Will It Be Enough?

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Time for the special computer that crunches the numbers to determine the final League Two positions for the season of 2017/18.

Last season the Octopus feature was a late arrival for League Two – it was off having its tentacles given a Brazilian for all I know.

Then again I still don’t know why I call a number crunching supercomputer an Octopus but some things are probably best left unasked.

In any event here are the updated League 2 predictions for the season of 2017/18 after most sides have played at least 34 games of the campaign.

Who goes down?! Who is the current favourite to lift the title this year?

Well you don’t have to guess.

With all playing at least 33 games in League 2 in the season of 2017/18, the current favourite to lift the title are Luton Town with 89 points, followed by Accrington Stanley on 85 and Wycombe Wanderers on 84.

The Play Off spots are also pretty nailed on if the predictions are to be believed – Nott County, Mansfield Town, Exeter City and Coventry City. Carlisle United miss out by two points.

At the other end of the table it’s also pretty nailed on with Barnet and Chesterfield set for relegation.

The one thing that can’t be ignored though is there is a hell of a lot of football still to be played even though we find ourselves in February and sides that have started well may fade away and others could find form as the months tick by, but this is a bit of fun – I wouldn’t bet your house on it!

The predictions are a reflection on the season so far, and absolutely nothing more, and in most cases the next fixture day could cause wholescale changes to the table.

For Swindon Town specifically, the Octopus expects their form to rise in a marked manner in the season run in. Compared to last month their predicted points tally jumps from 67 to 71 and their place in the table rises by one from tenth to ninth, but they don’t make it over the Play Off line , missing out by three clear points.

With an improved end to the season on a predicted front, fans will be hoping that carries through into next season but having held a Play Off spot in the real table there will be disappointment that February and March saw them fall away with erratic form.

And the live by the match predictions, how do we stand now?


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